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Speech by General Manager of Wofu Hardware

2018/07/05 11:35
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Dear Wofu Hardware Company's new and old customers:
Hello everyone! I am very happy to share my knowledge and happiness here! Worth's philosophy: customer first, employee second. On the occasion of the spring blossoms, with all the heartfelt gratitude, all the employees of Wofu Company express their sincere wishes and heartfelt thanks to you and your family. Thank you for your trust and support to Wofu. The wind and rain journey in the past 15 years has witnessed the growth, progress and development of Wofu Hardware Company. Today, Wofu Company has become one of the important processing, production and sales enterprises in Dongguan, a professional hardware accessories, home appliance parts, electronic parts, drone precision parts, auto parts and many other industries.
The Wofu people will always be grateful! We are grateful to society, and it is the opportunity and environment that society has given us to survive and develop. Grateful customers, you have chosen Wofu, you use wisdom to help us open up the market, provide us with orders, is your timely feedback market information, making Woffu hardware products processing in the development process won the market. Drinking water source, we know that the development and growth of the company is also inseparable from your concern, trust, support and participation. We are honored to be able to form partnerships with our distinguished customers to achieve mutual benefit and common development.
In the future, we will continue to forge ahead. With high-quality products, exquisite technology, good reputation and considerate service, we will help our customers and friends save labor, reduce costs, improve product quality, improve production efficiency and provide more room for development. We are fully convinced that as long as we have your support and cooperation, as long as we continue to work hard, our common cause will have a big space, big achievements, great development!
In the years to come, I hope to get more trust, care and support from you and all new and old customers. All customers are welcome to give us suggestions and criticisms. We will make the promise of honesty and supremacy with the business philosophy of customer first and employee second. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, we will continue to provide you with better precision hardware processing equipment! And constantly strive to achieve "no best, only better"!
 Thank you again for your trust and support! Wish you and your family well! Happy family! The business is booming! Good luck!