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Understanding the management of pressure riveting stud quality

2018/06/27 16:38
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Why does the quality of pressure riveting studs lie in management? A good company, his management system must be strict, effective, applicable, only management, quality can be guaranteed, then let us see how to manage: 1, the quality is not to increase costs, but can be reduced Cost: For the manufacturing industry, the bad rate will drop and the cost will drop. To improve quality is to increase costs This is the concept of people's understanding of quality. There are no defective products, saving the cost of material replacement and machine adjustment. There is no need to spend inspections and correct the cost of defective products. In the case of a reduction in the bad rate, the continuous production capacity of the production can be improved. Due to the reduction of defective products, there are more production opportunities. 2. The quality is determined by the customer: Before the product is delivered to the customer, no matter how luxurious the equipment is advertised, how excellent the performance is, how beautiful the appearance is, but not what the customer needs, and the result is eliminated. Therefore, the manufacturer's position and concept: replace "best quality" with "optimal quality"; and "optimal quality" is to make customers feel "the most satisfactory quality. 3, quality management: quality management is the quality of the product The instability is minimized and even eliminated.Quality management is all activities that the manager has to achieve in order to achieve the goal of the department.Dalingshan Dongguan City Wofu (Anpai) Hardware Products Factory, is a company dedicated to high-quality thread tight Solid-state product development and production of hardware processing manufacturers, relying on the company's many years of experience in fasteners and services in the industrial sector, accumulated expertise in the field of industrial fasteners expertise, while meeting the smooth supply of conventional products and Can adapt to your special technical requirements and product needs, to provide you with the most professional fastening connection solutions, in order to ensure the successful operation of your project and continue to operate.