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Established in 2004, Dongguan Wofu Hardware Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Building E, Yujia Industrial Park, Shuilang Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City. It is only a 5-minute drive from the beautiful Songshan Lake. The plant covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters and employs 200 people. Wofu Hardware owns nearly 200 sets of Japanese Jinshang, (CNC) computer high-end milling and laminating machines, and precision automatic lathes and auxiliary equipment. In order to pursue the high precision of CNC machining, the company is equipped with advanced measuring equipment such as profile measuring instrument, 3D element, secondary element, hardness detector, infrared automatic detection machine, true roundness, and roughness.


Wofu Hardware focuses on the precision machining of CNC precision parts such as high-speed railways, automobiles, drones, home appliances, photography, pneumatic motion, and medical care. To undertake OEM or ODM to copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel (including environmental protection materials) and various kinds of plastic precision metal parts such as CNC lathe processing, lathe parts, turning parts, precision control of up to 0.002mm.


Since 2010, Volvo Hardware has provided magnetic steel copper bushings (also called copper bushings) for nearly eight years for the world’s top three automotive motor suppliers, Dechang Machinery and Electronics, and the production volume has reached more than 100 million. The workpiece is mainly used in BMW car glass lifter motor. The coaxiality, cylindricity, surface dimensional accuracy and finish of this type of high-precision copper sleeve workpieces all have high technical requirements. Wofu Hardware manufactures strictly according to P6 precision standards to meet users' extreme requirements for workpiece accuracy. The user saves at least 50% of the processing costs and gains the trust of users.


In 2015, with rich experience in the cnc processing field and strong production capacity, Volvo Hardware has become the downstream supplier of high-speed rail sensor hardware accessories for China Railways CSR Group. In the process of this process, the management and technical engineers of Volvo Hardware have won high praise from users for their high efficiency, high technology, high quality, high productivity, excellent service, and favorable prices, starting from reducing user costs and improving production efficiency. .


While continuing to improve its engineering and technical service capabilities, Wofu Hardware actively develops its transformation from factory manufacturing and technology development to e-commerce, relying on the knowledge economy and the pulse of the internet economy, and strives to create a technology-based service enterprise relying on its rich experience in production and management. . Gradually establish an international map that takes the Chinese mainland as the center and extends to the rest of the world. Strive to become the main driver of industrial transformation and upgrading of the Pearl River Delta region. To create "Long-term, stable, development, technology, international" Evergreen Albert!